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Drama Exercises: Growing the trust into your community group

This module aims:



In completing this Module the learners will be able to:

  • Get to know all participants
  • Create a new form of one’s name
  • Open perception and create interest for other forms of expression
  • Get creative
  • Create a group story, that can be used to develop a theatre piece.
  • use a drama exercise with different levels of emotional intensity
  • share information through a drama exercise



1. The moderator divides the group of adults into four equal groups of participants, gives them a sheet and different colored markers.

  • The groups of participants have to make a common drawing: a tree.
TIP:2. After the time given to making the drawings, each group presents the common project: the tree. The moderator returns with the three questions:
  • Where is it seen in this project that special attention will be paid to the inclusion of vulnerable categories of beneficiaries?
  • How does this project respond to the priority of "expanding digitization"?
  • Where can you see in this project -the tree- the respect for the environment?
Participants must answer each question and eventually complete the drawing if compliance with the three priorities has not been sufficiently visible. TIP:

Unit 12.4. Sharing knowledge

Growing the trust into your community group

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