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MODULE 11: Introduction to dramatic expression

Introduction To: Dramatic expression



This module aims at defining some of the topics regarding acquiring inclusion skills, socialisation and a sense of belonging to a group.These game-like activities promote the flow of communication between strangers, particularly on shy people who need to be stimulated. The satisfaction that can be generated by the activities can act as a basic ingredient of a working group, as well as developing cohesion and providing an open atmosphere.

In completing this Module learners will be able to:

  • Improve body awareness
  • Translate music into movement
  • Get creative
  • Develop a theme for a performance
  • Create movements, sounds, images and words


Royalty Free Music


EVERYBODY SPREADS OUT ACROSS THE ROOM Everybody makes sure that everybody has enough space to move freely and safely

ALL PARTICIPANTS BEGIN TO DANCEName one body part, for example, a finger, hands, arms or head or let the participants choose what body part they would like to start with.The participants start to express the music with the chosen body part: for example, the pace, the volume, the dynamics or mood of the music can be translated into movement.THE MOVEMENTS BECOME LARGERThe movements become larger and larger, spread to other body parts and finally the whole body.IMPORTANT:TIP:

Unit 11.1. Warm Up: Dancing Music

  • Different styles of music are used, for example, classical music, pop music, jazz, etc.
  • The participants come together in pairs and interpret the music together
  • Different body parts translate individual instruments into movement
  • The participants form groups. Each group translates a specific instrument into movement


Unit 11.1. Warm Up: Dancing Music

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