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Colonial Heights Public Schools

Dr. William Sroufe

Superintendent of Colonial Heights Public Schools

Meet Our Team

Dr. Cyndi Williams, Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Service
Charity Burnett, Instructional Services Secretary
Stephanie Kern, Superintendent’s Secretary and Board Clerk
Troy Hedblom, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
Cayce Kump, Director of Human Resources
Jessica Robertson, Personnel Specialist
Becky Millirons, Payroll and Benefits Specialist
Melissa Kapinskis, Business Services Specialist
Colleen Hirn, Director of Technology and Learning
Mary Peters, Director of Support Services
Angela Haden, Support Services Specialist

Meet Our Team

Melissa Lynch, Director of Finance and Budget
Tanya Ross, Assistant Director of Finance and Budget
Kristin Janssen, Director of Curriculum and Assessment
Dr. Ellen Burnett, Instructional Specialist and Math Coach
Marlena Smith, Instructional Specialist Elementary Literacy Coach
Dr. Danielle Sisson-Jones, Instructional Specialist Secondary Literacy Coach
Aaron Robertson, Director of Food Service
Jon DiGiacomo, Director of Transportation
Mark Strickler, Secondary Master Schedule and Testing Coordinator
Kenny Harrell, Director of Maintenance

New Staff Introductions

Mike Nelson

Colonial Heights High School

Ashley Kushner

Math Teacher

Andrew Bryce

Drama Teacher

Nick Davis

Science Teacher

Sara Davis

English Teacher

Elizabeth Gates

English Teacher

Christy George

SPED Teacher

Grace Hogan

English Teacher

Megan Keeter

English Teacher

Casey Ridpath

English Teacher

Tara Seely

School Counselor

Sherry Boisseau


Lisa Boiteau

CTE Childcare Teacher

Brandon Greenwood

History Teacher

Omega Berry

Cosmetology Instructor

Hunter Mitchell


Susannah Oates

Marketing Teacher

Amaris Dixon


Chris Walker


Nick LeReche

Colonial Heights Middle School

Rita Paolino

ESL Teacher

Richard Sorensen

Art Teacher

Taura Cheatham

SPED Teacher

Calie Peterson

English Teacher

Timothy James

SPED Teacher

Amy Jarvis

Guidance Secretary

Ariel Nichols

English Teacher

Dustin Coleman

Tech Ed Teacher

Jessica Johnson

Spanish Teacher

Amber Williamson

SPED Teacher

Brenda Davis

SPED Teacher

Carl Easter

Math Teacher

Stephanie James

Algebra Readiness

Ashley Olkonen

SPED Teacher

Chris Thurman

SPED Teacher

Keenen Tillar

PE Teacher

Greta Francy

Drama Teacher

Michelle Gates

Gifted Resource Teacher

Stephannie Huey

Math Teacher

Yousef Jabri

SPED Chair

Peter Lockovich

English Teacher

Maegann Murray

Media Center Paraprofessional

Alex Johnson


Christine Richardson


Dr. Ann Sorensen

Marketing Teacher

Miranda Tucker


Dr. Patrick Neuman

Lakeview Elementary School

Haley Chance

SPED Teacher

Lindy Iles

Elementary Teacher

Charlisa Perryman

PreK Teacher

Tiffany Rogers

SPED Teacher

Dr. Candy Llewellyn

North Elementary School

Elizabeth Greenwood

ESL Teacher

Haidee Napier

School Counselor

Tammy Young

Elementary Teacher

Allison Hugel

Elementary Teacher

Tyretta Ransome


Remus James

Tussing Elementary School

Tyah Hunter

Elementary Teacher

Beth Riggs

School Counselor

Michelle Emory

Elementary Teacher

Emily Boyce

SPED Teacher

Cynthia Burton

Elementary Teacher

Heidi Mirro

Computer Support Specialist

Karen Stiff

Literacy Extension Teacher

April Drake


Bailey Driskill

PE Paraprofessional

Chelsea Fowler


Michelle Roberts


Mary Peters

Director of the Office of Support Services

Alicia Haase

Educational Diagnostician

Courtney Harrison

School Nurse

Ashli Huggins


Ashley Currin


Sarah Foote

Speech Language Pathologist

Rachel Gillson

Paraprofessional, Project Search

Glenita Jones

Teacher, Project Search

Wendi Edwards


Colleen Hirn

Director of the Office of Technology & Learning

Colleen Samuel

Secondary Instructional Technology Integration Specialist



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