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The Business Report

'Traditional report structure' Business Research Methods, 2015, Saunders

The Business Case

A Business Case or Management Report:​

  • Explains the reasoning behind starting a project or task.​
  • Will outline how the project’s objective will be met.​
  • Is generally a structured document made up of a number of different sections.​
  • Can range from extremely comprehensive and formal to short and informal.​
  • Will include research summaries and financial modelling to support the findings, conclusions and recommendations.​

Sections of a Busines Case


  • Describes the problem​
  • How the data was collected and discusses the major findings. ​
  • The body may be broken into subsections, with subheadings that highlight the specific point to be covered in that subsection. Also included here will be any financial modelling.​
  • Should reiterate the main points from the body of your business case​
  • Highlight the main points and detail any financial aspects. ​
  • Summarise why you wrote the report and why your plan will be successfully implemented.​

Sections of a Busines Case continued


  • A list of actions that should be taken as a result of your report and justification on why these actions should be taken. Recommendations should flow logically from the conclusion, be relevant and practical.​
  • The list of resources used to create your business case.​
  • Appendix
  • Add any appendices that are relevant and strengthen your business plan.​

Business Research Methods

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