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our common work by:

Primary School nr 82, Kraków, Poland
Nuri Bayar Secondary School, Sakarya, Turkey
Ataturk Secondary School, Uzunkopru, Turkey
Centre Jean Lagarde, France

New Year Cards' exchange

Team with your twin 2021/2022e

Introduction here

We, students from Poland, Turkey and France were matched with one another to prepare and send a NEW YEAR CARD for his or her peer.

Students prepared and drew their individual cards, wrote HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes to their chosen partners. Then the cards were sent to schools: Poland to Turkey (Nuri Bayar Secondary School) &vice versa; France to Turkey (Ataturk Secondary School) &vice versa.

Polish students from Primary School nr 82 exchanged their greeting cards with students from Nuri Bayar Secondary School students. When we received the cards, we recorded "thank you and Happy New Year" videos.

Polish and Turkish students with their cards!

Nuri Bayar students with New Year cards from Polish peers!

New Year cards from Poland reached Nuri Bayar Secondary School in Turkey!

Proud students from Poland holding cards from their peers from Nuri Bayar Seconday School, Turkey.

Turkish students from Ataturk Secondary School exchanged their greeting cards with students from centre jean lagarde, france.

When we got cards from our peers, we recorded "thank you and Happy New Year" videos, too.

Cards from France to Turkey!

Cards from Turkey to France!

Turkish and French partners with their cards!

Proud students from France presenting their cards from Turkey!

Proud students from Turkey presenting their cards from France

Thanks to the card eachange common task we could get to know our partners from France, Poland and Turkey better. We learnt about our culture, tradions and customs

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"Team with your twin" e-twinning project 2021-2022