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My dream school

Europe Day 2022

English is E123

eTwinning Project

Our students drew their dream school, made posters and created games and jigsaw puzzles, which they solved and played during their online meetings.


Our collaborative products

Jigsaw puzzles

Matching pairs

Poster quiz


We played the games, showed our drawings and described our dream school during our online meetings with our partners

Participating teachers/ schools

  • Theodora Tsagkari - Primary School of Pamfila, Lesvos/ Greece
  • Helen Gyrelli- Primary School of Ippeios, Lesvos/ Greece
  • Melanthia Chatziralli- Primary School of Moria, Lesvos/ Greece
  • Katarzyna Orkiszewska -
Szkoła Podstawowa im. Adama Wodziczki w Rogalinku, Rogalinek/ Poland

Participating teachers/ schools

  • Penelope Markellou - 1st Primary School of Zevgolatio/ Greece
  • Katarzyna Drabarek- Szkoła Podstawowa z Oddziałami Integracyjnymi nr 6 w Siedlcach, Siedlce/ Poland
  • Marcella Fortino- ICS "Octavia" di Roma, Rome/ Italy
  • Maria Tsiamtsiouri- 4th Primary School of Karpenissi/ Greece