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Lara Williamson

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01. The Author

05. The structure

03. Characters

04. The central theme

08. Personal rating

02. The Main Topic

06. Important symbols

07. The Title

about the author

  • Lara Williamson was born in Northen Ireland

  • Her first two novels, A Boy Called Hope (2014) and The Boy Who Saile The Ocean In An Armchair (2015)

  • Her first book got a lot of attention and thus she started her career well

Yavuz Selim Bas

The main topic

02. main topic

"The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair" tells the life of two boys, Billy, and his older brother, Beckett. Their mother passed away, so Beckett and Billy lived with their father and his new partner, their "almost mom" Pearl, and they were all happy with the situation. However, one day, her father unexpectedly took them from the house and started a new life without Pearl.


Becket: He gets along very well with his brother Billy. They started their own organization to search for his mother. The story is from his point of view


Billy: Is Beckett's youger brother and is also a member of the organization they founded. He is also looking for his mother with his brother. He also has a snail.


Pearl: Second wife of the Father. The (almost mom ) for Beckett and Billy.

The Father: Lost his first wife. Doesn't care much about what their kids say

Snail Brian: Pet of Billy. The constant loss and return of little Brian is comical and sweet


Issues such as bullying and absent parents are adressed in this novel. Throughout the book it's clear that Becket an intelligent and perceptive child, is learning a lot about his father and trying to understand their confusing situation, yet every question is brushed off, every wonder is ignored and disregarded. So the two young boys are left to make their own minds up, come to their own conclusions.

the structure

  • The story follows a certain line
  • consists of sub-stories
  • the sub-stories are important for the main story
  • it has a clear understandable end
  • the characters fit their personalities very well

Important Symbols

The origami crane has a important meaning in the story and is in every part of the novel available. At the back of the book there are also instructions on how to make your own origami cranes.

Brian the snail is also very important for the story because he is the glue that holds it all together

the title

the meaning of the title

  • We can see the ocean, a big armchair and a lot of origami birds

  • the armchair has a very important meaning

  • the ocean represents the problems Becket must contend with

  • the armchair represents a shelter that protects Becket from all of the problems

My Personal Rating

Would I recommend this book ?

In this book Lara raises an important question. In trying to protect children from the truth do we actually make things worse for them ?

This is an emotional read. There are parts in the story that just make your heart jump and your throat tighten.

There are just a few pictures !!!


Thanks for listening !

Yavuz Selim Bas