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Be able to, be allowed to, have to


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Read the text on p. 99 again and make sentences.

Rafiqisn't allowed togo to Bangladesh for the summer
His parentsaren't able tofly on his own.
The immigration officerhave towork.
Rafiq's aunt and uncleis allowed tolet Rafi go through passport control.

are able toget a new passport.

doesn't have toidentify Rafiq.

1. Find more examples in the text of be able to, be allowed to and have to in the simple present and the simple past.

2. In which sentence (A or B) does can mean be able to ('können', 'fähig sein') and in which does it mean be allowed to ('dürfen')?

A: I can fly on my own because I'm 14 now.

B: His aunt and uncle can identify him.

3. In which sentence (A or B) does have to mean must ('müssen') and in which does it mean needn't ('nicht zu brauchen')?

A: Rafiq's parents have to work.

B: He doesn't have to get a new passport before the old one expires.

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Read G10 (pp. 184-185).


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Open your TB at p. 100. Then do ex. 11. Copy the text!

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- TB p. 101 ex. 12

- WB. 67 ex. 17

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