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We work in different areas to help businesses manage the nature-related risks and opportunities from a scientific point of view, and in doing so, contribute to a long-term sustainable future.




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Work Areas

We integrate the most innovative developments in the field of natural capital and biodiversity into business practice, bringing added value as a link among business sector in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world.

Based on the natural capital approach, our integrated vision of the environment and society allows us to implement circular economy projects throughout the value chain.

We help the financial sector to redirect its investments towards more sustainable technologies and business opportunities through a holistic approach of sustainability.

We help companies consider biodiversity in their strategies, which is crucial to ensure the future of their business

We incorporate nature as an asset in organizations to achieve a balance between economy, wholesome societies and healthy ecosystems.

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We advise to align investments with environmental challenges and ensure their contribution to a nature positive economy.

l Analysis of climate and nature-related risks and opportunities according to the TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Disclosure) and the TNFD (Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosure).

l Integration of ESG concepts (environmental, social and governance) in banking services.

l Application of the new EU taxonomy to identify environmentally sustainable economic activities.

l Creation of climate change and natural capital strategies for finance sector.

l Sustainability integration process in the finance sector.

We help you to incorporate the circular economy principles in order to make your business more sustainable.

l Creation of circular economy strategies.

l Verification of circular economy projects and strategies.

l Participation in the development of legal frameworks.

l Development of technological applications to promote circular economy.

l Circular economy certification.

l Mainstreaming of the natural capital approach in circular economy models.

The natural capital is our ally to integrate the value of natural resources in your business model

l Natural capital impacts and dependencies analysis.

l Identification, mapping and valuation of ecosystem services (development of methodologies, public-private collaboration, valuation, roadmaps).

l Natural Capital Accounting.

l Development of strategies and action plans on natural capital adaptation.

l Natural Capital Protocol application.

l Identification and development of indicators.

l Net impact, positive impact.

l Science Based Targets Network.

We support organisations to make biodiversity a key issue for the responsible, sustainable and successful business development.

l Definition of policies, roadmaps, strategies and action plans on biodiversity.

l Identification, measurement and valuation of impacts (positives and negatives) and dependencies on biodiversity.

l Development of biodiversity objetives and indicators.

l Application of the mitigation hierarchy.

l Evaluation and calculation of biodiversity-related risks.

l Support in dissemination, disclosure and reporting of biodiversity-related information.

l Support for improved governance, tracking and monitoring of the relationship between corporation and biodiversity.

l Biodiversity net impact and positive impact at corporate and project scales.

l Advise during certification processes of biodiversity conservation actions (LIFE Certification).

l Analysis of climate scenarios about biodiversity impacts.

l Development of green infrastructures and nature-based solutions.

l Incorporation of scientific objectives for sustainability, Science Based Targets for Nature.

Our initiatives and collaborations

We promote collaborations, outreach and networking events. We are part of the most relevant working groups on natural capital and biodiversity and aligned with the SDGs, the Paris Agreement, the European Green Deal and the new global framework of biodiversity post-2020

We are members of the Standarization Technical Committee Normalización on ISO/TC323 and participate in the working groups on circular economy promoted by AENOR .

As members of the Informal Working Group of the new Task Force for Nature-related Financial Disclosure we work to solve business needs in terms of reports, metrics and data.

Leaders of the Working Group AHG4 of the ISO Committee in charge of developing the ISO 328 on biodiversity. Members of the Corporate Engagement Program of the SBTN, we promote LIFE Methodology, and collaborate with Align project, the Biodiversity Disclosure Project

We promote the Natural Capital Factory, the international congress Natural Capital Summit and participate in international working groups specialized in this field.

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We are part of initiatives and working group that encourage
sustainable finance, climate and nature-related climate and nature-related risks management.

l As a company with expertise in the field, we have participated in the development of the EU taxonomy on sustainable economic as members of the group of experts providing advise to the European Commission Technical Expert Group (TEG) responsible for the development of the taxonomy on sustainable economic activities.

l We participated in the Finance Supplement to the Natural Capital Protocol.

l We are members of the TNFD Forum, multidisciplinary consultative group of the Task Force on Nature-related Financial Disclosure. Previously, we were part of the Informal Working Group of the TNFD whose members jointly work in the development of the governance framework of the TNFD, which is the most relevant initiative to incorporate nature-related finance risks in decision-making.

l We lead the National Environment Congress' (Conama) Technical Committee 6 on "The future of climate and nature-related risks and their financial impacts".

We are members of working groups and committees whose main objective is to promote the
circular economy principles.

We participate in:

l Technical Committee on ISO/TC 323 working in drafting international standards on circular economy.

l Working groups organised by AENOR (Spanish Association for Normalisation and Certification) to develop metrics, terminology, strategies and projects in the field of circular economy.

We promote our own collaborations and initiatives to
promote natural capital within the business sector.

l We promote the Spanish hub of the Capitals Coalition.

l We co-create the Natural Capital Summit, the first international congress on natural capital for Spanish speakers (three editions: 2016, 2018 and 2019).

l We participate in the NCAVES project (Natural Capital Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services).


With the aim of contributing to biodiversity mainstreaming into businesses, we foster a series of initiatives and collaborate with different international entities.

l We are leading the AHG4 Group of the ISO Committee in charge of developing the ISO 328 standard on biodiversity.

l We represent the Brazilian Instituto LIFE in Europe, and promote LIFE Methodology and LIFE Certification.

l We are part of Align's project consortium, a business-focused and business-driven initiative whose aim is to develop a set of methods, indicators and criteria for corporate biodiversity measurement tools and approaches.

l We collaborate with Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) to assess the performance of the IBEX 35 listed companies with regard to biodiversity disclosure.

l We promote green urban infrastructure and biodiversity in Europa through the EU LIFE BooGI-BOP project on boosting biodiversity-oriented design of business premises.

l We are members of the Corporate Engagement Program of Science Based Targets Network (SBTN).

l Nature-based Solutions (ecosystem services valuation, IUCN).

l Business Leaders' of the EU Business @ Biodiversity (B@B) platform, unique EU forum on business and biodiversity.

l International working group coordinated by UNEP-WCMC to aligning biodiversity measures for business sector.

l Expert group advising the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in the development of B-INTACT (Biodiversity Integrated Assessment and Computational Tool).

l Group of experts advising EKLIPSE's team to transpose the global assessment on the status of biodiversity and ecosystem services to Europe (IPBES, 2019).

l We promote Mercados de Medio Ambiente, the first digital news platform created in Spain to raise awareness of the environmental markets for nature conservation.

Work Areas

We provide training related to work areas where we are specialzed which is adapted to the needs of proffessionals:







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Our own initiatives and other that we support

Our own initiatives

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Initiatives we support


We apply digital tools and international methodologies in the development of our projects





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Reserva de Biodiversidad


Help the business sector to better understand its relationship with nature and integrate its value into decision-making to support its transition towards sustainability.


The values that characterize us are strong: sustainability, diversity and respect, solidarity, empathy and flexibility, integrity and endevour to overvome.


Through our collaboration, we equip our customers with science-based solutions, means to improve disclosure, tools and the forging of solid partnerships.

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Our mission is to motivate business and organizations to incorporate the resources and benefits that nature provides into decision-making.

l When collaborating with them, we help them in their transition towards sustainability in a more respectful way with the environment.

We have great values that are at the heart of our corporate philosophy.

l Sustainability. It inspires us to promote responsible opportunities.

l Diversity and respect. We are a diverse and respectful team.

l Solidarity. We create positive relationships with colleagues, collaborators and customers.

l Empathy and flexibility. We generate shared value by developing adapted projects.

l Integrity and endeavour to overcome. We rely on committed and talented professionals striving to continually improve.

Our contribution is to generate shared value by integrating nature into business management.

l Solutions. We manage nature-related risks and
opportunities on the basis of science.

l Outreach and research. We inform and sensitize society
about the importance of nature conservation.

l Opportunities. We measure, assess and value impacts on nature
to improve risks performance and management.

l Tools. We contribute to integrate environmental aspects by
facilitating nature environment valuation.

l Collaboration and partnerships. We improve our knowledge
and strategy to make sustainability is everyone's business.

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