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E EF (BÜ) - 09/06/2022

Living between two cultures

Plan for Today's LEsson







Reread the text 'Living between two cultures'. Then decide whether the following statements are true or false:

1. Laxshika wasn't born in America.

2. She and her parents still celebrate the customs and traditions of Sri Lanka.

3.At home Laxshika only speaks one language,

4. Sometimes she feels isolated/separated.

5.For her, it's rather a disadvantage to live between two cultures.

Don't forget to take notes!

Collect as much information as possible for the CV of the author.
Send your results to Ms. Büker (Teams).

Make a list of the benefits and challenges of living between two cultures that are mentioned in the text.

Time to check your results!

Get together with a partner and compare your results (ex. 3).

Let's get creative.

What might Laxshika's Instagram profile look like? Create an account for her.

Advice: Use the worksheet 'Instagram Poster Englisch' uploaded on Teams or ask Ms. Büker in order to get a copy of this worksheet.

Congrats! You made it ✨

Please send the results of ex. 5 (Instagram account) to Ms. Büker via Teams.