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Amaya Bengoa


My first skydive


By Richard Stanton

My first skydive

This book is about a girl that is going to skydive for first time. At first, she was very nervous thinking about what would happen if the parachute didn't open or if I land bladly. In the end, the coach gave her encouragement and everything went well.

In my opinion, it's an original book but a little boring. I read it because some day I would like to do skidiving, but I didn't really like the book.

The life of a
plastic bottle


By Richard Stanton

The life of a Plastic Bottle

In my opinion, it is an important book because recycling is very important, but I also think it could be more original because the subject of recycling is a little repetitive.

This book explains the life of plastic bottles. How they're made, and what people do with them after using them. There's a lot of people who recycle or reuse them, but there's a lot of people who don't.

International Manners


By Casey Emmons

International Manners

In my opinion, it's a good book if you are going to visit another country, or if you want to know about other customs and cultures of other countries. It is a curious book, but it isn't entertaining.

The book explains some traditions and manners of several foreign countries, such as removing shoes at the entrance or eating with chopsticks.

Superstitions around the world


By Richard Stanton

Superstitions around

the World

I really like this book, but I'm not going to give it five stars, because it's a topic that not everybody believes in, and maybe it could give other views in the book as well.

The book is about the different superstitions in different parts of the world, like breaking a mirror or crossing fingers. It explains the causses and the effects of those superstitions, like in the one of breaking a mirror, the effects are 7 years of bad luck.

Four Jobs, Four lives


By Richard Stanton

Four jobs, Four lives

This book talks about four different jobs, chef, designer, artist and IT expert. It explains the good things and the bad things of this jobs.

Although it's not a very entertaining book, I think it's important to understand that all the jobs have their good and bad points, and that not everything can always be good, so that's why I've given it three stars.

Will they ever stop?


By Lucía Roche Fraile

Will they ever stop?

In my opinion, this book is ok because it's an important topic, but I think that the book, because it doesn't have any images and it's all text, it got too long for me to read it, so I don't recommend it very much.

The book is about elephants and how hunters try to hunt them to keep their horns.

The Dream Team


By Richard Stanton

The Dream Team

I really like this book, so I'am going to give it 5 starts because I think it's very entertaining and it can motivate you if you do some kind of sport, to do more effort and maybe even win some kind of prize.

This book tells the story of a basketball team that I managed to reach the Olympics. In my opinion it is a very motivating, entertaining book and I highly recommend it.

How the camel got its hump


By Rachel Weiss

How the camel got its hump

In my opinion, this book seemed a little boring, but I think it's an original topic and different from the others books, so I think there can be a lot of people that I might like.

This book tells the legend of how camels got their hump, I have never heard that story before, that's why I think it is so original.

A girl and her boat


By Thomas Wallace

A girl and her boat

I really like this book because I think that is a motivational and original storie. I'm not going to give this book 5 starts because is like a storie and it can be a little bit boring.

Is about a 13-year-old girl who want to travel by boat around all the world but her country and her parents doesn't let her but at the end she manages to travel.

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