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An upskilling journey for companies

Corporate english @

Top Them Up:A fully customisable journey and LearnEng Map to achieve your corporate own goals

Fearless Speaking: Boosting formal and informal conversation skills

English for Specific Purposes:Vocabulary and conversation booster for business, tourism, hospitality, aviation, IT..

Effective English for Business:formal writing/ speaking, hosting meeting and delivering presentations

A fully customisable Journey to...

Materials, lesson delivery & method

Authentic and Engaging Materials (videos from TV series & films, songs, websites..)Access to an exclusive online ClassroomOnline Lessons (hybrid option available)

Training for Certificates available upon requests

LearnEng Map is created and participant survey is launched (common interests and topics will be aligned with goals)

Lessons are delivered and tailored on adults' learning styles ( andragogy)

A fully customisable upskilling journey

Needs analysis and goal setting carried out with stakeholders. Delivery mode ( on site, online or hybrid) is selected too.