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By Xenia Paulsen

Napoleon III foreign policy: Crimean War


1. Overview

2. Reasons for the war

3. Success or Failure

4. Years after war

5. Overall outcome

6. Sources

7. Thanks



  • Napoleons first major international dispute
  • Major participants:
      • France
      • Russia,
      • Turkey
      • Britain
  • reacting rather than initiating

  • enhance France's prestige + gain support from church
  • France and Russia wanted to be the major influence on Sultan
  • Sultan rids himself of Russian threat
  • France didn't want war but only alternative
  • not a 'proper' war

Reasons for the war:


War: Success or failure?


  • No clear consistency
  • Dissapointment: no enthusiam, wasn't short and snappy, reports of mismanagement and inefficiency
  • But succesful either way:
    • Russia yields: great international standing
    • Russia remains stubborn: Quadruple Alliance shatters
  • Paris chosen as venue for Peace Treaty

Years after the war:


  • height of international standing
  • Filled power vacuum of Metternich
  • Exploted this soured realtionship
  • Franco- Russian friendship
  • Heightend French influence

Overall outcome:


  • 1850s: Napoleon full of ambitious plans
  • countries took him seriously
  • Napoleon belives he is most powerful statesman

  1. That yellow history book that I didn't bring with me so I can't cite it (ask Mr. Kinder)