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Winnie the Witch

Listening Comprehension


Question 1/5

in a red house.

in a purple house.

in a black house.

Winnie the Witch lives...

Why could Winnie see Wilbur when he sat on a chair?

Winnie could see Wilbur's green eyes.

Wilbur meowed loudly.

Question 2/5

Wilbur wagged his tail all the time.

After a nasty fall, what did Winnie decide to do?

Winnie turned Wilbur into a green frog.

Winnie turned Wilbur into a black spider.

Winnie turned Wilbur into a green cat.

Question 3/5

Why did Winnie send Wilbur outside?

Winnie wanted to be alone in the house.

Wilbur slept on her black bed.

Wilbur wanted to play in the grass.

Question 4/5

What did Winnie do after falling into a rose bush?

She laughed.

She picked up her magic wand and waved it 5 times.

She cried.

Question 5/5

Good job!

Oh no! Try again...