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Memorial Day and

Flag Day


1. Memorial Day

2. Flag Day

Memorial Day

1. history

3. typical things

2. general facts

  • emerged in the years after the Civil War
  • from 1861 till 1865 the bloodiest War in US history
  • first known as "decoration day".
  • In 1868 Logan requested that the 30th may created as national memorial day for soldiers (who were killed in the civil war)
  • first dacoration day 30th may 1948 at Arlington National Cemetery
  • 1968 the US Congress passed "Uniform Monday Holiday Act" make Memorial Day a national holiday

  • every last monday in may
  • 3p.m. there is a national minute of silence in the respective (=jeweiligen) time zone
  • US flags are flown at half-staff, graves are decorated and a small US flag is placed on each grave

coins on the tombstones:

  • penny = someone has visited the grave
  • Nickel = someone who was in boot camp with the deceased
  • Dime = a comrade who served with the totem
  • Quarter = if they only were present at the death of the buried

  • Former and active soldiers as well as sports clubs, etc. march here, sit in decorated carriages, vintage cars or march on foot
  • they place flowers and other stuff on the tombstones
  • wear red poppies in memory of the soldiers who died
  • poppy bloomed on battlefields in belgium and france, they wear it as kind of symbol

Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Parade:.

  • thousands of bikers coming in capitel to commemorate veterans and deceased (=toten)
  • organization is committed (=ist verpflichet) to supporting and educating (=Aufklärung) the soldiers who are still missing

Flag Day

1. Origin

2. The meaning of the flag

3. Structure of the day

  • goes back to 14th june 1777, replaced the british union jack
  • 100 years later it was hoisted on all buildings for the first time
  • first time in 1893, in new york it was founded on 14th june 1897
  • official flag day was represented by president harry truman in 1949 
  • before 1949, every state could celebrate flag day whenever it wanted

  • 13 stripes for 13 founding states and the 50 stars represent 50 federal states
  • blue, white and red for the past, the present and the future of america
  • the flag should be symbol of the freedom and unity
  • unlike in germany, hoisting the flag is part of everyday life in many places anyway

  • only pennsylvania it's a public holiday, the first flag sewn by betsy ross
  • other states, banks, authorities and shops are open as normal
  • streets and buildings are decorated in the national colors and in addition, the hoisting of the flag is honored
  • commemorations are rarely held
  • the festivities are nevertheless very different