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  • European colonizers brought Chattel Slavery officially in 1619
  • This U.S. economy flourished on the labor of people enslaved by race
  • Many sought to justify & perpetuate slavery through medicine


Content Warning

violence and brutality

Though systems of slavery had existed for much of recorded human history, the Chattel system (officially founded in 1619 when 20 people were sold in VA) was unique for its basis in race and its ability to be passed through generations. Almost every European ship which touched American soil carried enslaved people, and systems of brutally killing and enslaving indigenous people began nearly instantaneously. When the harsh conditions of mines, sugar, and cotton plantations resulted in the death of nearly every enslaved person, colonizers looked for a new source by capturing innocent individuals from Africa starting the Atlantic Slave Trade to sustain the agricultural desires of wealthy Europeans.

Many try to separate U.S. success and its current capitalist system from slavery; however, the economic dependence on slavery is central to the development of the systems still used today.

Many doctors abused enslaved people to not only further their medical knowledge, but to attempt to prove physiological differences to justify slavery. The findings and writings of these racist doctors lie at the heart of U.S. medicine today.





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