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6. Two ducks

5. Sheep smells

4. Whether the weather

3. Sea shells

2. Wood pecker

1. Little lamb


The little lambs,licking lollipops,went leaping andlaughing into the lava.

How much woodwould a Woodpecker peckif a woodpeckerwould peck wood

She sells sea shellsOn the sea shoreThe shells that she sellsAre sea shells I'm sure

Whether the weather be fineor whether the weather be notWhether the weather be coldor whether the weather be hot.We'll weather the weatherwhether we like it or not.

Sheep smell snail shellson the seesawAnd the snail shellssheep smellhave sleep soundssmall snore

We have two ducks.One blue.One black.And when our blue duck goes "Quack-quack"Our black duck quickly "Quack-quack" back.