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Meeting Times



Dress code

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PRE - Work

Team Dinners

Sunday informal drinks: for those arriving during the weekend, we will host informal drinks. Time & location TBC.

Monday and Tuesday we will host team dinners as well. Invitations will be send for each day to confirm your attendance.

Office catering
Food and beverages will be provided for the duration of the meeting. We wish to make your experience on-site as enjoyable as possible so we ask that after you have confirmed your participation you send a separate email to Xenia Duarte notifying us of any special dietary or other requirements that we should be aware of.


Where: EY Amsterdam Office

Start: 13:00 Lunch will be served at the office

End: 17:00 End of the session


Where: TBC

Start: 09:00

Lunch: 12:30 Meeting point TBC

End: 16:30 End of the session


Where: EY Amsterdam Office

Start: 09:00

End: 16:00 End of the session

Dress Code

Business Casual for Monday and Wednesday (Jeans are always welcome)

However, for Tuesday, we highly recommend bringing comfortable shoes and some extra clothes ... just in case!

(Sorry, we can't share more info, just be ready for anything)!!!

We hope to have a sunny month of June in Amsterdam, but we need to be prepared in case of any rain

Charge code

Please use your PDRA and HR Systems existing charge codes to expense all costs.


All flights should be expensed before May 27th

Amsterdam Office Details

Airport transfers

Do not hesitate to reach out to other participants flying from the same country and coordinate a shared taxi to the hotel/airport.

Antony ShieldsMon 13th 08:55
Thurs 16th 16:47

Carl BarlowMon 13th 11:30Thurs 16th 12:15Radisson
Abi Dudley

Fran MuratoreSun 12th 5:55Thurs 16th 08:15Radisson
Steve GillMon 13th 10:00Fri 17th 13:20Radisson
Lauren AttinellyMon 13th 05:55Thurs 16th 13:25Radisson
Melissa SewellSat 11th 07:45Fri 17th 10:55NH Amsterdam Zuid
Brendan ClooneySun 12th 17:35Wed 15th 19:50Radisson
Rob GilderSun 12th 20:50Wed 15th 20:30Radisson
Kiran JadavSun 12th 21:30
Fri 17th 13:20Radisson
Chris AlbertSat 11th 10:20FridayNH Amsterdam Zuid
Jaco LanzaMon 13thFridayRadisson
Oliver BerchtoldSun 12Wed 15th 21:10Radisson
Melissa GrahamFri 10th 13:15
Fri 17th 15:20
Justin ShemeleySun 12th 7:15
Fri 17th 09:15
Rich BulanSat 11th 07:45Fri 17th 10:55NH Amsterdam Zuid
Cora NgSun 12th 14:00Fri 17th 18:47NH Amsterdam Zuid
Richard CrayfordMon 13th 11:00Thur 16th 09:25Radisson
Kent BartlettMon 13th 09:25Thur 16th 09:55Radisson

What if I have additional questions?
For any questions, please reach out to Xenia Duarte, 0032476460571 feel free to

Pre-Work 1:

Did you review the agenda? If there is anything missing, please let us know. We want to ensure this event meets your expectations.

Pre-Work 2:

3 Facts about you

We will like to know 3 facts about you. For example:

Speaks 4 languages

Loves dancing Salsa

Lived in 3 countries

Please avoid going in detail like:

Has a large collection of guitars

Loves skydiving

Certified ski instructor

Pre-Work 3:

Superhero & Superheroine template

Please complete the Superhero/Superheroine template and submit the template with a picture of you. You can download the file here: https://people.ey.com/:p:/g/personal/xenia_duarte_be_ey_com/EU7t5yYqRJxJpwnCgwQto4UBPMTNZc3xZYaAl0NwqEZXXg?e=gXzWv0

The 3 Facts about you The Superhero template Your picture , all should be submitted to Xenia Duarte by June 7th.