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Same Old Energy

Kiki Rockwell


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Who is Kiki Rockwell?




About Same Old Energy


The Salem Witch Trials


References in the song


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Who is Kiki Rockwell?

about the singer, songwriter and producer of same old energy

  • uses she/they pronouns
  • around 20 years old
  • was born in San Francisco, but raised partly in Germany and partly in New Zealand
  • released her first EP on November 4th 2021
  • is an independent artist, who creates all of her songs herself
  • is very popular on social media, especially on TikTok
  • used to be a part of the band The Leers
  • writes music inspired by folklore and similar


a summary on her Music (as of May 2022)

Bleeding out in a forest (EP)

Left for dead (SIngle)

  1. Left For Dead
  2. You´re A Coward And I Know
  3. You Wrote The Role For Me
  4. Taxman
  5. Composure
  6. Highwaywoman
  7. Same Old Energy

same old energy (SIngle)

About Same Old Energy

What the song is about

"This song is called Same Old Energy and it´s about how women have been dealing with the same shit for thousands of years." ~ Kiki Rockwell

This song is about:

  • feminism
  • women being mistreated throughout history (with a focus on the 17th century and the burning of "witches")
  • men making mistakes and women having to pay for it
  • how women should be able to live their lifes freely and without restrains made by men
  • history always repeating

The Salem Witch Trials

why 24 innocent people were murdered

  • Salem, Province of Massachusetts Bay (US), 1992
  • 3 women were accused of being "bewitched" and tried to evade death by pretending to know more witches
  • more than 200 people were accused of witchcraft in the following year
  • 24 people died: 1 pressed to death by stones, 4 in jail, 19 were hanged
  • It is believed the victims ranged from 30 to 77 years old
  • Bridget Bishop (right) was the first person tried and sentenced to death

“Execution of Bridget Bishop at Salem, 1692,” illustration by Joseph Boggs Beale ca. 1885

References in the song

how the lyrics of same old energy correspond to the hurting of women

"Mass hysteria, and false accusation"

Massachusetts became paranoid and accused people of witchcraft

"Say "they should be caged in, these women of Satan""

bewitched people were said to be possessed by the devil

"They started a frenzy, but we'll take the blame"

women/people were killed, because men/other people accused them of witchcraft

"Same old energy baby, you've burned this way before"

pretty selfexplanatory: history is repeating

"A women with magic is fine with him if that magic is between her thighs"

for some men, women were only worth something if they were able to use/rape/etc. them

"No matter what the good you did you’ll wind up at the stake"

it didn´t matter if a woman did everything a man asked of her; if he wanted to, she could always be tried for witchcraft and eventually sentenced to death




Men were allowed to rape women without punishment, especially if she was married to him.

It is still legal in some countries (e.g. Canada) to rape somebody if you´re intoxicated (= on drugs or similar).

Women were not allowed to vote at all and any kind of political interest was seen as unpleasant.

Even though women are allowed to vote in many countries, in a few they are not able to without risking being physically abused (e.g. Pakistan).

Women weren't allowed to work or earn their own money. Instead they had to take care of their children, cook or clean the house all day.

While women are allowed to work, they often get paid less than men do, even if they're doing the exact same thing. Sometimes women also have to deal with harrassment at their workplace.


A summary of the presentation and a part of the song

  1. Same Old Energy protests against the constant abuse of women
  2. based off of the Salem Witch Trials
  3. a lot has changed since then, but there is still a lot to do to secure equality

Thank you

for listening!

I hope you liked it and that it wasn't too long


  • spotify.com (discography etc.)
  • genius.com (lyrics)
  • masstsang.com (Canadas intoxicatian law)
  • worldpopulationreview.com (where women are(-n't) able to vote)
  • historyofmassachusetts.org + history.com (Salem Witch Trials)
  • @kikibabyrockwell on TikTok (information about Kiki Rockwell)