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El Salvador


1. General

7. Thanks

2. The Flag

3. The cout of arms

4. Climate

5. Economy

6. Lifequality

8. Sources

Name: El Salvador
Language: Spanisch
Capital: San Salvador
Area: 21,041 km^2
Population: 6,5 Million (2020)
Populationdensity: 309 per km^2
President: Nayib Bukele



  • The flag consist of three horizonatl stripes

  • Each Stripe has its own meaning

  • The flag of El Salvador ist easy to interchange wit the flag of Nicaragua

Cout of arms

  • In the Center is a Pyramid

  • There are Five Vulcanos inside the pyramid

  • Above the vulcanos is a red coin with a date

  • There are five flags of El Salvador mounted on the pyramid

  • Under the flags is a language tape wich says: Dios,Union,libertad

  • The pyramid is sorounded by a laurel wreath

  • The whole cout of arms is sorounded by lettering wich says: REPUBLIKA DE EL SALVADOR EN LA AMERICA CENTRAL


Tropical Savanna Climate (dry Winter)

  • Hot all year, distinct dry and wet periods

  • Montly average tempreture of all months above 18 degrees

  • Driest month has less than 60mm of percipitation


  • Minimum wage per person: 300$.

  • The GDP in El Salvador is 24,44 Billion Dollar.

  • Per Person 3800$.

  • First country to ever accept Bitcoin as its offical currency.

  • Agriculture plays a key role in the economy of the country.

  • The bitcoin curse has collapsed.

  1. El Salvador has an extremly dense population.
  2. The educational level remains extremly low.
  3. El Salvador has one of the highest rates of crime and murder in the world.
  4. El Salvador is extremly prone to natural disasters.
  5. El Salvador struggles to provide quality and adequate health care to its people.
  6. Because of the overall low-income levels, the housing situation is evidently affected.
  7. About 1.8 million minors between the age of 5 and 17 are forced to work.




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