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by The Innovative Nine

Money Talks

The Podcast with Focus on Social Investing

Conversations between adults and young people

What even is Social Investing?


Why is Social Investing important for the future

The Podcast Money Talks

Local impacts of Social investing

Our Team

Steps to Social Investing anyone can take now


In what could you invest


We are Mathilde Jenke, Charlotte Weinhold, Pia Dobberstein, Greta Zieteman, Maresa Bleis, Enny Schmück, Maira Dunke, Elena Neun and Anouk Rahn from the 8th grade in the Jahngymnasium Rathenow in Germany and together we are The Innovative Nine.

Our Team

- the target group are people who want to

establish a business or already have one, people
who would like to learn more about investing and

The Podcast

Money Talks

- Money Talks is a podcast about investing and

money in general with a special focus on Social

- topics besides Social Investing could be: "How to

start a business" or "How to keep track of your

- in every episode we would invite a special guest

for example the chairwoman of the ECB or the
owner of "Lidl"

What even is Social Investing?

- investors take on social, ethnic and

ecological responsibility

- the aim ist to reduce negative impacts on

society/to achieve positive impacts

- profit is secondary

- Social Investing can support products and projects

that improve and enrich our lives

Why is Social Investing important for the future?

- through Social Investing we can protect

our earth

- that is important because if we keep treating our

earth as we do right now, future generations will no
longer have enough resources

- therefore it is really important that we act

- through Social Investing jobs in the
region are created

Local Impacts of Social Investing

- the Social Life is more pleasant

- even smaller companies have a good chance and
can start up

- everyone can invest in a socially
responsible way

Steps to Social investing anyone can take now

- for example through:

  • conserving water
  • taking public transportation/biking/driving an electric car
  • investing into sustainable industries like solar installation
  • investing in social funds or ESG factors

- for example in:

In what could you invest?

  • projects for cancer research
  • projets against climate change
  • projects for clean water
  • projects against animal testing
  • initiatives that support equal pay

Another idea would be, that 0.5% of every investition would be used to help countries that got destroyed through a war or a natural disaster.


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- we offer an online exchange

Conversations between adults and young people

- we organise events to which we for example
invite school classes, but private individuals are
also very welcome

- there are also workshops, everyone is invited

- in every podcast episode young and old people
have the chance to exchange experiences and
to discuss