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the misterious death of tim


detective tim was called by the boss of an old factory because strange things were happening there,there were leaking pipes,a lot of breakage and sabotage. there were very few workers left in the old factory; there was victor,kevin,julia and victoria,and tim was there too,he was cheking the places reached and saw a surveillance camera so he went to the camera room and asks the boss the password,it will turn out that the password to access has been changes it now consist of four different codes,help him to find the answers based on your knowledge

jason citron

larry page and serguei brin

kevin systrom and mike krieger

who are the creators of google

Find what help the detective to find the suspect

tThe united states




what is the strongest country in the world

solve the text
HINT: A=√ 9+5-x
for x= -27

Mission Complete

congratulation you found the suspect. kevin was arrested by the police and was sentenced for five years of jail.GOOD JOB