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Especially urbanists have many possibilities of using sustainable transportation solutions. Find out about what they got in Leipzig and Auckland.

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Waste Disposal & Recycling

How many ways of sorting your rubbish are out there? Click for parallels and deviations in two cities.



Learn more about the representation of sustainability in advertising.


Cultural Practices

Whether farmers' markets, agricultural cooperatives or drinking fountains. See which local sustainable practices exist in our hometowns.


Official Signs

What information are the local authorities providing their citizens with?



SUstainable Actions

in Germany and New Zealand

VeLAD-project of Jenny & Zoë

At this point, everyone knows Greta Thunberg. Figure out, what activists are up to in your city.

designed by jcomp (Freepik)

According to the Umweltbundesamt, freight traffic and passenger traffic have increased at high speed over the past decades. Since 1960 there has been tripling concerning freight and even quadrupling to passenger traffic.

Next to high Co2 emissions, traffic noise and required space are endangering our environment. It is on us to reduce traffic and to choose eco-friendly alternatives.

Learn more about urban traffic here!

Source: https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/themen/verkehr-laerm/nachhaltige-mobilitaet

designed by rawpixel.com (Freepik)

According to her internet presence, Leipzig is dedicating herself to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and puts her acting under the motto "think global. act local". Our society has to act now to secure our future. The Forum Nachhaltiges Leipzig annualy awards the Leipziger Zukunftspreis for activities contributing to sustainable development in Leipzig.

Source: https://www.leipzig.de/buergerservice-und-verwaltung/unsere-stadt/leipziger-agenda-21

In Neuseeland gibt es ein Netzwerk für nachhaltige Unternehmen, das Unternehmen dabei hilft, Maßnahmen für mehr Nachhaltigkeit zu ergreifen. Wir haben auch lokale Gruppen von Menschen, die andere über den Umweltschutz aufklären wollen.

Quelle: https://sustainable.org.nz/

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Are you an activist or are you still comfortable!

Stay calm and have an (or whatever you like) when checking out the Beginner's Guide to the Global Climate Strike!

Now get started and always remember to maintain proper strike culture.

Friday's for Future suggests:

  • No violence
  • No property damage
  • No littering
  • No profit
  • No hate
  • Minimize your carbon footprint
  • Always refer to science

designed by macrovector (Freepik)

No matter, how many different coloured bins there are, you have to know what to put in where.

Organizations like NABU provide you with helpful informations.

Even though there is a general set of rules for segregating your waste, local community district can set up their own rules when it comes to what their recycling depots freely accept. Watch out!

But before considering correct disposal, take a first step and remember the three Rs - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Be a critical consumer, join in the minimalist movement or try a zero waste challenge. Let's have fun saving our planet!

In Neuseeland gibt es nur 3 Arten von Mülltonnen: Recycling, Restmüll und Kompost. Leider werden in Neuseeland nur 58% der wiederverwertbaren Abfälle recycelt.

Quelle: https://www.recycle.co.nz/problemsize.php

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You are basically saving the earth by buying the right stuff, aren't you?!

Green marketing is trying to drag us into keeping consuming confidently with a clear and green conscience. It is our responsbility to actively engage with the so-called sustainable actions of profit-oriented companies.

We have to try to differentiate between green products and greenwashed products.

designed by macrovector (Freepik)

It's about the little things...

See, how you can change your lifestyle and become more sustainable with our TOP 10:

  1. Eat less meat
  2. Buy seasonal and locally grown food
  3. Drink tap water instead of bottled water
  4. Fly less
  5. Bike instead of driving and save fuel
  6. Reduce your energy consumption
  7. Reduce plastic waste
  8. Buy second hand
  9. Use rechargeable batteries
  10. Calculate your carbon footprint

For these and more suggestions check this out!

  • found in front of 'Leipzig Hauptbahnhof'
  • teilauto is offering station-based car-sharing in 'Mitteldeutschland'

  • return the E-car on any permitted teilauto-parking lot

  • providing sustainable mobility within the urban area and beyond

  • including citizens and also tourists holding a valid driver's license

  • nextbike being European market leader in bike sharing offers the service in Leipzig as well
  • found downtown on the 'Augusutusplatz'

  • nextbike and the 'Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe' (LVB) are business partners and provide special offers

  • return the bike on any permitted parking space within the business area

  • providing sustainable mobility for rather short distances within the urban area

  • including citizens of Leipzig and also tourists

  • found at the area of 'Alte Messe'
  • the 'Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe' are offering station-based scooter-sharing in Leipzig
  • return the E-scooter on any permitted parking lot

  • providing sustainable mobility within the urban area

  • including citizens and also tourists

  • a special feature is the station-based renting in Leipzig, the E-scooters are equipped with a GPS tracker and the user has to continue paying until the scooter is parked back at the station

  • since last summer (2021), driver's license holders have to possibilty to rent an 'E-Schwalbe' in the city of Leipzig and participate in ZOOM-sharing
  • found close to the area of 'Technisches Rathaus'

  • ZOOM-sharing is run by the company GOVECS-Sharing

  • return the 'Schwalbe' on any public parking lot within the business area

  • providing sustainable mobility for rather short distances within the urban area

  • conveying a retro flair

  • including citizens of Leipzig and also tourists holding a valid driver's license

  • waste separation is the key to recycling
  • in Neuseeland werden Abfälle dem Recyclingmüll, Restmüll oder Biomüll zugeordnet
  • in Germany, private households are obliged by law (Kreislaufwirtschatzgesetz, KrWG) to categorize their waste, usually there is plastics, paper, organics (sometimes optional) and residual waste
  • the waste disposal company is very strict about these differentiations and will not pick up not separated waste or you will have to pay a fee
  • informative text concerning mode of recycling, contact information
  • form of request, prescribing

  • non refundable hollow glass ware is to by recycled at glass recycling stations set up all over the urban area
  • lids and caps are supposed to be recycled seperately
  • the glass containers are to be sorted by colour, mind the opening hours
  • informative text concerning opening hours, mode of recycling, contact information
  • form of request, prescribing
  • There should be collection containers situated at the recycling station as observed in some holiday regions in South France.

  • there are ten public drinking fountains in the city of Leipzig and four more on the Leipzig countryside
  • found downtown on Petersstraße

  • run by the 'Leipziger Wasserwerke'

  • free drinking water for everyone

  • given to the city as a gift by Wien being Leipzig's twin city, constantly running, serves representative purposes

  • monolingual inscription, inviting everyone to use it, function self-explaining

  • promoting drinking water for free in contrast to bottled water

  • How many inhabitants & tourists do actually take the offer?

  • the city of Leipzig runs 14 farmers markets within 20 time slots in the urban area
  • found downtown next to 'Höfe am Brühl'

  • run by the stand holders

  • open air

  • fresh food, flowers & plants, bakery goods, snack stands, many regional & seasonal goods, lots of unpackaged and/or eco-labeled goods

  • free access

  • advertises a regional and sustainable lifestyle

  • How long do the goods really travel? How much food waste emerges?

  • Compare to farmers market offering pre-ordered and prepaid goods...

  • the German deposit system provides a returning and recycling opportunity for most beverages sold in non-reusable PET bottles as well as in refillable bottles made of plastics or glass, but even milk and yogurt glass bottles and jars can be brought back
  • almost every supermarket provides a reverse vending machine for that purpose
  • the customer receives back the paid deposit/'Pfand', the amount of money depends on the type of packaging - mostly it is 0,05€/0,10€/0,25€
  • found downtown in the 'Konsum Prager Straße'

  • shop owners can refuse taking back container types which the market does not sell

  • motivation to return containers, prevention of dropped litter

  • non-reusable containers do 'cost' the most

  • the system often remains a source of confusion...

  • Why is there no uniform labelling of refillable containers?

  • advertising poster for the agricultural cooperative KoLa Leipzig
  • found at the area of 'Bayerischer Bahnhof'
  • distribution (instructed) by members of the cooperative
  • informal address with inviting character, using possessive pronouns and "Hey"
  • wanted poster, alliteration in header, signaling closeness to nature and symbiosis of urbanity & rurality, 'head of lettuce' used ambigious,
  • monolingual, colloquial speech, simple clauses
  • advertising new features of pick-up & delivery, explicitly emphasizing on the cargo bike
  • attempt to invite people to become new members of the cooperative
  • including a rather young audience

  • advertising poster for the recycling of cooking oil
  • found on the back of a truck

  • permanent advertising on a company truck

  • public invitation to recycle everyday food waste

  • hand holding oil from draining, natural colours on white ground, rhyme structure in headline, depicted QR code

  • monolingual, detached impersonal style, request, simple clauses

  • advertising the benefit of taking up the offered service

  • attempt to promote the company's service

  • including private households to which the service may not be know as well, more often attributed to gastronomy

  • advertising poster for beer
  • found on the parking lot of 'HIT' at 'Alte Messe'

  • by the company rented advertising space
  • activating effect, offers the prospect of becoming a "true hero" by engaging with nature projects in Leipzig, picturing the consumers of Ur-Krostitzer as a community

  • tree growing out of the beer crate next to fifty cent coin suggesting natural development right from the consumption of the product, green and golden colours on white background, colour range matching the company logo

  • monolingual, detached impersonal style, colloquial speech (using apostrophe), simple clauses

  • advertising the benefit of buying this brand's product

  • attempt to sell product

  • including a rather male audience

  • informational poster
  • found at the location of the Umweltinformationszentrum (UiZ) at 'Technisches Rathaus'

  • distribution by the office for environmental protection

  • informal address with inviting character, using imperative and personal pronouns

  • saying goodbye to plastic, pictograms, rhyme, using mainly corporate colour of UiZ

  • monolingual, colloquial speech, direct reference to the city of Leipzig and engagement for the city, population represented as a community

  • informing about the ban of single-use plastics without an alternative, providing informations, hints and offers for ecological education

  • attempt to eliminate plastic waste and find alternative products as well as forms of reusing and recycling

  • including primarily citizens of Leipzig

  • informational & advertising poster
  • found on a site fence at the area opposite to the city hall

  • distribution by the city of Leipzig

  • detached impersonal style, informative, providing web addresses concerning cycling and a future perspective on sustainable mobility in/around Leipzig

  • well known-images of downtown Leipzig, places not very distant from the advertising place, central position of brightly shining sun creating positive attitude towards the scene

  • monolingual, colloquial speech, cityscape photography combining images of urbanity and nature as well as manifold modes of mobility

  • representation of Leipzig being an eco-friendly city

  • attempt to advertise and inform about sustainable mobility in the urban area

  • possibly an aim to sensitize citizens to the recent restructuring of the roadways on the inner city ring

  • including primarily citizens of Leipzig, but also tourists riding by bike

  • digital billboard for the returnable & reusable food packaging system RECUP in gastronomy
  • found downtown
  • by the company rented advertising space
  • addresses people considering themselves polite & on the "good" (ecologically aware) side or wanting to become
  • light coloured font and advertised product on dark background; connecting light colour with goodness & politeness, feeling light
  • bilingual, detached impersonal style makes it possible for everyone to feel addressed
  • bringing to mind the company being the biggest of her kind in Germany
  • attempt to raise awareness for the existing system and promoting its usage
  • potential customers need to have background information concerning 'ebay Kleinanzeigen' and how people prototypically communicate and behave on the platform

  • advertising poster for the heating oil 'thermoplus' by TotalEnergies
  • found at 'Zoo Leipzig'

  • by the company rented advertising space or sponsor of the zoo's project
  • impersonal, brief and seemingly factual text combinbed with polite form of address providing contact information

  • reference to the new area of 'Feuerland' going to house penguins and seals, rhyming structure in header, signaling closeness to nature

  • monolingual, providing factual knowledge, lecturing

  • advertising benefits of consuming 'thermoplus'

  • attempt to sell a product

  • including a rather wealthy audience owning property

  • inofficial sticker
  • found on a lamppost at the area of 'Lindenauer Markt'

  • distribution by members of the activist group Ackerilla

  • not directly addressing an audience, informative

  • symbol of 'raised fist' holding a tomato, signaling resilience & fighting, fight for nature, small group facing injustice

  • monolingual, borrowing and blending ("Acker" + "Guerilla")

  • advertising the concept of a solidarity-based agricultue

  • attempt to invite people to become members of the community

  • including apeople interested in a regional & seasonal & sustainable food supply

  • inofficial sticker
  • found downtown on a payphone next to the university's canteen

  • distribution by members of the activist group

  • not directly addressing an audience

  • visual similarity to 'ATOMKRAFT? NEIN DANKE'-sticker

  • monolingual, question-answer

  • promoting a vegetarian lifestyle

  • attempt to convince people of a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle

  • including the rather 'old activists' calling to mind their former activities

  • must be older, since the provided link is no longer valid

  • facade advertising
  • found at the area of 'Bayerischer Bahnhof'
  • distributed by the foundation with legal capacity 'Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register (EAR)' entrusted by the federal environmental agency with the registration of companies selling electronic products and coordinating the recycling

  • informal address, request, using imperative and possessive pronouns

  • depicted scene seems to be of another age, ironic, exaggeration, "Plan-E" connotated to 'plan B', recycling as a logical consequence

  • monolingual, colloquial speech, question-answer

  • attempt to educate the population to correctly dispose its electronic waste

  • including primarily citizens of Leipzig, but valid throughout Germany

  • advertising poster for an 'Unverpackt'-store in Leipzig-Gohlis
  • found in Leipzig-Gohlis
  • distribution (instructed) by the store owner
  • addresses basically everyone as named, e.g. people wanting to live a healthy or sustainable lifestyle, vegans & vegetarians, adults, children; the "..." including everyone
  • newspaper font, reference to LVZ (Leipziger Volkszeitung); "V" might also refer to vegan/vegetarian
  • monolingual, enumerations, colloquial speech with tendancy to formality, introductory clauses (subordinate clauses), gender-neutral language (*innen)
  • there has not been an 'Unverpackt'-store in Gohlis before
  • attempt to get people into the store and buy the products
  • potential customers probably need to know the term "Unverpackt" which can be regarded standing in the tradition of farmers' markets and what is behind it to have raised interest

  • interactive station for a self-guided audio tour initiated by NABU Leipzig
  • found on a lamppost at the area opposite to the city hall

  • distribution by members of the activist group

  • informal address with inviting character, using indefinite pronoun, forming a question that can assumably be answered by completing the audio tour

  • laminated Din A4 poster, QR code included, using corporate colour of NABU

  • monolingual, colloquial speech, simple clauses, coordinations, including urban nature

  • promoting participation and interactive engagement

  • attempt to invite people to take part in the 'Leipziger Naturschutzwoche' and find out about personal capabilities act sustainable

  • including every smartphone user passing by