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You received an EMAIL!

Dear Miss López,

Please, contact me as soon as possible as there are some issues I would like to talk to you about regarding last Sunday. Some neighbours have been complaining and I would like to discuss some things with you.

Best regards,
Max Müller

Does Laia use the correct register (formal/informal) when writing to Mr Müller? What aspects of the text make you say so?

Are the ideas of the text well structured? Is there anything that helps you identify the different parts of the text?

Have a closer look at the second paragraph ("In Spain, there exists...). Can you find a similar structure to the one you learnt in the previous class?

IF + I + had known

Had I known...


If it were to happen again that..., I would ensure that...

If you want to discuss..., I will be at home...

IF + it + were

Were it...


IF + you + want

Should you want...


Dear Miss López,

Thank you for your email. Had you not offered to buy another dwarf for the garden, I would have asked you directly myself. I am convinced that the neighbours will appreciate your understanding. Were it not for your friendly nature, I would think you broke the dwarf on purpose.

Under the present circumstances, I believe there is nothing else for us to discuss. However, should you not be certain about any other cultural differences, I will be available via email, willing to answer any of your questions.

Best wishes,
Max Müller