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Cultural heritage

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Czech Republic

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Local artist

Richard Krajčo

Richard Krajčo is theatrical and cinematic actor, singer and frontman of the band Kryštof.

He was born in Ostrava.
At first he was a DJ in some clubs in Ostrava.
He also won some awards- Slavík for 3rd place in kategory of Singers(twice)

Song - Cesta / Journey

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Song 2

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Song 3

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This way,
this direction, I should have been gone
long ago.
When it snows, the way is harder, but the snow melts again,
a bit of tenderness, they first promise, and then give it to you.
More strength,
to fight,
when out of luck, it is better to give,
than to take.
And even when it is hard to follow,
and you have to crawl on your knees,
make her stop giving these questions:
Am I approaching my destination?
How much faith is left?
Where are leading,
the guardrails, that deceit me in the dark? Am I going backwards,
just wasting the words that I scream?
That they won't open the door at my home for me again.


Traditional food


Translation of "svíčková" could be beef tenderloin with cream sauce and dumplings

800 g of rear beef

300 g root vegetables

1 onion

100 g smoked bacon


other (click to see more)

spices (click to see more)


250 ml of whipping cream 33%

- 50 g whole mustard
- 2 spoons of sugar
- 2 spoons of vinegar
- 100 g of oil
- little bit of butter

- 1 spoon of flour

- lemon juice

- 3 bay leaves

- 5 pieces allspice

- 5 peppercorns

- salt

We eat "svíčková" with dumplings

Karlovarský dumpling

Bread dumpling

Recipe (in Czech)

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read the recipe in English! :)

1) We stuff the meat with bacon fries ( it's great if we put it in the freezer for half an hour) and fry it in oil with butter (the butter won't burn).
2)Then we remove the meat and fry the roughly grated vegetables and onions. As soon as the carrots release the color, add the sugar and let it caramelize.
3)Add mustard, spices, add vinegar, add meat and pour boiling broth. Put the pot or baking tray and the lid in the oven and bake until the meat is soft (approximately 1.5-2 hours in a medium oven). Then we remove the meat and spices, cut the meat and mix the sauce.
4)If necessary, thicken the sauce with plain flour kneaded in milk and cook (flour must be cooked for at least 20 minutes), adding salt as needed.
5)Soften the sauce with cream, season with lemon and a slice of butter, which we no longer cook. Serve with bread dumplings, garnish with a piece of lemon and cranberries.
On the top we can add cranberries and lemon.

Czech Traditional Folk Clothes

- Folk costumes were worn a lot in the past

· They were in villages/ they still are in some of them
· Mostly in the part called Moravia

Czech Folk Traditional Costumes

Watch a video!

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