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Go zero-waste.

You will have to put the email in the next window in the right order. Write it in a piece of paper.
1) Choose from the two emails addresses . One will be the sender and the other one the receiver.
2) Make up another email address to place as Cc (Carbon copy)
3) Choose the subject of the email
4) Choose the greeting
5) Choose the closing sentence
6) The body of the email will consist of five sentences. You will have to put it in the correct order. It will be in the third screen of this presentation.
Once you are finished, give your final product to the student next to you.

Hello Mrs. Kumar

Regarding your shop downstairs

Thank you for reading my email



I would like to make a small suggestion regarding you shop in our street.

Body of the email

I have seen in your shop that fruits and vegetables are wrapped in plastic. Grain, beans and seeds are packed in plastic as well. Furthermore, cosmetic and cleaning product containers are made of plastic.

I will suggest to transition to a zero waste shop, where customers could buy loose products and bring their own containers, glass jar or cloth bag.

You can purchase at the supplier fruits and vegetables without plastic from organic farming.

This will have a great impact on our environment as we will reduced the plastic waste we produce at home.