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Corporate Social responsibility

OF bic

Noann, Sullivan, Saona

What is the CSR?

Integrates social and environmental concerns into their business activities

Improve the quality of life of employees and all the people who come into contact with the company

The main purpose

The 4 pillars of CSR





Increase economic growth by 5% every year


Investment of 200 million €

strategy "Horizon"


24% reduction in energy consumption per tonne of production in the last 10 years

45% reduction in water consumption per tonne of production in the last 10 years

90.3% of their packaging cartons come from certified and/or recycled origins

Ecology is a priority for BIC

BIC's ECOlutions range

Works with responsible suppliers who optimize journeys to reduce emissions


Work with employees who have common values

Possibility to do trainings

Rewards high-performing employees

Work security

Respect of human rights and the BIC Code of Conduct


Promotes and supports access to education by contributing financially with a donation of 1.4 million €

Raises society's awareness of important topics through the packaging of its pens

For some bic pencils donates a percentage of the amount to associations


As a globally recognized brand for its products that are an integral part of our lives, BIC is committed to making a positive impact on the world by offering sustainable solutions, creating products that last, investing for a better life through education, and more. Moreover, the BIC company is economically viable and sustainable