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1. Map/Geografical Facts

2. Australia Informations

3. Climate Zones

4. History

5. Trip Planner

5.1 Canberra
5.2 Sydney
5.3 Outback
5.4 Animals
5.5 Great Barrier Reef

6. Curiosities

7. National Meals

8. Sources


  • on the southern hemisphere of the earth

  • consist the mainland of the continent, the island of Tasmania + other islands in the Pacificca

  • 21 times the size of Germany

  • but Germany has over 4 times as many people: 20 mio~83 mio




New Zealand

Great Barrier Reef


Ayeres Rock


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Geographical facts

flattest and driest inhabited continent

Australia's largest cattle farm is as big as Israel

there are 10,685 beaches

only continent without an active volcano

country and the smallest continent

In winter, the areas covered with snow are bigger than Switzerland

Australia - informations

capital is Canberra

flag of Australia:

largest cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide

four different climate zones:
the tropical north, the dry center, the maritime temperate zone and the subtropics


  • approx. 60.000 BC

  • immigration of the indigenous people from Indonesia

  • Aborigines were the first people to settle on the Australian continent

  • the oldest living culture on earth

  • since the arrival of Europeans around 300 years ago, their lives have changed drastically

The discovery and settlement of the Europeans

  • around 1510 Portuguese merchant ships traversed the waters around the Moluccas and Timor

  • they must have had at least visual contact with the Australian coast

  • a detailed study of the coastal areas did not take place at that time

  • 1770, Captain James Cook anchored in Botany Bay and took possession of Australia in the name of the British Crown

The discovery and settlement of the Europeans

  • in January 1788, the first fleet of English prisoners landed in Botany Bay

  • five years later, the first free settlers come to the country

  • between 1824 and 1836 the cities of Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide were founded

  • in 1851 the gold rush began near Melbourne

  • 1901, Governor Lord Hopetoun declared Australia a member of the Commonwealth

  • 1985, Aboriginal Australians regained ownership of Ayers Rock

Climate Zones

The Tropical North

The Dry Center

The Maritime Temperate Zone

The Subtropics

Melbourne, Victoria, south Australia

Alice Springs, in the Northern Territory, in the middle of Australia


a journey trough Australia


1st Stop


  • federal capital

  • 400,000 inhabitants

  • Canberra was established as the federal capital in 1913

  • more and more tourists are streaming into the federal capital

  • industrial focus is the printing industry


District "City"

Points of interest

Old parlament house

  • former seat of the Australian legislature

  • at the foot of Capital Hill within the Parliamentary Triangle

  • since 2009, site of Australian Democracy Museum

  • central shopping and office districts

  • one of the few urban areas with dense construction

  • the Canberra Museum/Gallery, which focuses on Canberra's art and history

National Museum of Australia

  • every aspect of Australian life and culture

  • from Aboriginal culture up to 50,000 years old to European settlement

  • oldest and most populous city

  • capital of the state of New South Wales with around 3.6 million inhabitants

  • the country's most important economic centre

  • 2000 venue of the XXVII Summer Olympic Games


Metropolis of Australia

2nd stop


Sydney Opera House

Points of interest

Harbour Bridge

  • opened on 19.03.1932

  • span of 503 metres and a height of around 135 metres

  • one of the world's longest arch bridges

  • Sydney landmark

  • like 180 metres long, 120 metres wide and 70 metres high

  • covered with 1.1 million glazed, white, glossy ceramic tiles

Port Jackson

  • Natural Sydney Harbour

  • most of Australia's foreign trade was handled through Port Jackson until the 1980s


  • wilderness regions of Australia

  • 72 % of the continent's area

  • as of 2006, about 690,000 people lived in the Outback

  • 17 % of them were Aborigines

  • completely impassable large, dry and hot areas

  • Outback of Queensland consists partly of untouched tropical rainforest

  • Uluru in the Central Australian Desert

3rd stop







Tasmanian devil


of Australia

Great Barrier reef

  • off the north-east coast of Australia

  • largest contiguous collection of over 2,900 individual coral reefs on earth

  • declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in 1981

  • with 359 species of stony coral, it is the largest structure on earth created by living creatures

4th stop


Great Barrier reef

over 1,500 fish species and 215 bird species

1,500 types of sponge

5,000 species of molluscs

800 species of echinoderms

80 species of soft corals and starfish

500 types of seaweed


sixth largest country in the world by area

there are four species of kangaroos

Great Barrier Reef is seen from space

24,6 million of people live in Australia

Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world

official language in Australia is English

of Australia

National meals

BBQ with tomato sauce



Burger with beetroot

Rib eye

Macadamia nuts

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