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Laurine Berrut - Académie de Besançon

Deep in the FRENCH countryside, the INHABITANTS of a village in JUra have recently been the victims of some mysterious phenomenon.

EVERY night, the village is infiltrated by werewolves that kill the villaGERS.

It is now time to take control and eliminate the werewolves, before the village loses ITS LAST INHABITANTS...

The Villagers

Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : no power

They vote during the day to eliminate
a villager that they suspect to be a werewolf. They win when all the werewolves are dead.


Mission : kill the villagers

Power : they are infiltrated villagers during the day but they kill them during the night

They vote during the night to kill a
villager. They win when everybody is
dead except them.


Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : see the true personality of the players

Every night, the fortune teller
can see the card of one player.
She helps the villagers but she
must not be discovered or
she will be the target of
the werewolves.


Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : shoot someone when he is killed.

If the hunter is killed by the werewolves
or the villagers, he can kill someone else.


Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : spy the werewolves at night
She can open her eyes during the night
to spy the werewolves.

If she is caught in the act by the
werewolves, she is killed silently
instead of the designated victim.


Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : 2 potions to kill and resurrect

She has one healing potion to
resurrect a player that has been
killed. She also has a toxic potion
to kill someone.

She plays during the night. She can use
the two potions only once, for herself or someone else.


Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : protect someone during the night

Each night, he chooses someone to
protect. The protector can protect
himself but he cannot choose the
same person as the previous night.

If the werewolves kill the villager
protected by the protector, the villager
will be saved.


Mission : kill the werewolves

Power : choose two lovers

Cupid makes two people instantly
fall in love. They are called the lovers.


If one of the lovers dies, the other
immediately kills himself or herself.

They cannot vote for their partner,
even as a bluff.


if one of the lovers is a werewolf and the other one is a villager, their mission is to kill everybody.


The sheriff is elected by the villagers. He cannot refuse the honor.

The sheriff's vote counts for 2 votes
when the villagers eliminate a player
during the day.

If the sheriff is killed, he must choose
a successor and the town has a new

a werewolf

a villager

the witch

the fortune teller

the hunter

the little girl

the protector


''Night falls, the village is asleep, and everyone closes their eyes.” .

Everybody closes their eyes.

''Cupid wakes up''

Cupid opens his eyes.

''Cupid, show me the two lovers.''

Cupid silently designates two players. He can be one of them.

''Now, Cupid fall asleep.''

Cupid closes his eyes.

''I'm going to touch the shoulders of the two lovers. LOvers, wake up. ''

The moderator walks around the table and discreetly touches the shoulders of the two lovers. The lovers look at each other.

''Now, lovers,fall asleep.''

The lovers close their eyes.

''The fortune teller wakes up, and chooses a player to see his or her card.''

The fortune teller silently shows a player. The moderator reveals the player's card.

''The fortune teller falls asleep.''

The fortune teller closes her eyes.

''The Protector wakes up, and chooses a player to protect him or her during the night.''

The protector silently shows a player. It can be himself.

''The Protector falls asleep.''

The protector closes his eyes.

''The Werewolves wake up, and choose a new victim.''

The werewolves have 15 seconds to choose a player. If they cannot decide on a victim, nobody is killed tonight.

The little girl can spy the werewolves, but if she is caught she is killed and there is no victim.

''The Werewolves fall asleep.''

The werewolves close their eyes.

''The Witch wakes up. I’ll show you the victim of the Werewolves. Would you like to use your healing potion or your toxic potion ?''

The moderator shows the victim. The witch silently shows what she chooses.
- thumb up : healing potion
- thumb down : toxic potion + show the victim
- fist : nothing

''The witch falls asleep.''

The witch closes her eyes.

''The sun rises. Everybody wakes up and opens their eyes... SOMEONE has been killed tonight.''

The Moderator shows the werewolves’ victim.
This player turns his/her card face up and is out of the game.
This player cannot communicate with the other players anymore.

If the victim is the hunter, he can decide to kill someone.

If the victim is a lover, his/her partner kills himself/herself.

''Now, it's time to vote for the sheriff. put your hands up if you are candidatE. The others will vote.''

1. The candidates put their hands up. They can deliver a 15 seconds speech.

2. Each player votes by pointing his/her finger towards his/her favourite candidate.

3. The sheriff is elected. His vote counts for 2 votes.

''The village must eliminate a suspect. If you have to tell something, put your hands up and speak.''

1. Every villager has 10 seconds to speak.

2. Each player votes by pointing his/her finger towards the suspect.

3. The suspect is killed and his/her card is revealed. He/she is out of the game.
This player cannot communicate with the other players anymore.

''The village falls asleep.” .

1. The fortune teller

2. The protector
-> someone different from the previous night

3. The werewolves and the little girl
-> 15 seconds to choose a victim

4. The witch
-> only two potions can be used during the game

''The sun rises. Everybody wakes up and opens their eyes... SOMEONE has been killed tonight.''

Three options :

- nobody has been killed tonight
- one villager has been killed tonight
- two villagers have been killed tonight

Other possible victims :
- the hunter can kill someone before he dies
- the lovers die together
- the sheriff chooses a successor