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My Bucket-List

The Foods I want to eat:

-A paella from Spain

-Italian pasta, Italian pizza and Italian ice cream

-A bowl of ramen

-All the pastries of the world!!!

The Travels I'ld like to do:

-USA to see an NBA basketball game, to visit the Statue of Liberty,

-Japan to see the One piece museum, to see
the SNK museum and visit this country,

-Australia to see the Great Barrier Reef and swim in it

-Brazil to attend the Rio Carnival

-China to see the Great Wall

The persons I wishes to meet:

- Jeff Bezos: Because maybe he will lend me his advice to be a millionaire like him

-Louis de Funès: If he was not died I'd like to know if he is really as funny as in his films.

-Emma Watson: Because she is very beautiful and I like Hermione in Harry Potter

Activities I would like to do:

-A travel with my friends: because it looks really fun!!

-Paragliding to fly like a bird!

-See a sunset because it's beautiful

-Build a tree house, to read in!

Thank you

for your