Want to make creations as awesome as this one?


I imagine my Tim Burton character as a vampire, because the vampires' world fascinates me : they seem so powerful. Mine would be a woman.
My vampire would have long straight hair, black, of course. Then, she would wear a long black dress, very majestic, and tattoos. I appreciate the cup of blood that she holds
in her hand: it's so creepy!
She would have the power of invisibility (something I have always dreamed of having): sometimes it is so advantageous not to be seen! It would be a better way for her
to munch on humans!
Anyway, I think we've all dreamed at least once in our lives of being able to become invisible with a snap of the finger!
To be as close as possible to the gothic style, a cathedral is represented in the background.
I finally chose to represent the Moon in the center of the drawing, it gives this gloomy and macabre side,
which goes well.
Her name would be Edwarta, because it sounds
like Edward's name in Twilight :)

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