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How Inbound Marketing emerged?

Previously, we used to use exclusively outbound marketing strategies...

What happens when you use advertising to go out and find customers. Outbound marketing is you finding customers.

Marketing has changed dramatically over the last few years...

However, from now on, more and more companies are turning to inbound marketing strategies.

What happens when you advertise in a manner that allows customers to find you. Inbound marketing is customers finding you.

What made companies rethink their marketing strategy?

Outbound marketing relies on going out and finding customers and pushing them to buy your products/services.

The idea is to reach consumers when they're ready to buy.

Television, radio, newspapers, telmarketing, yellow pages... are all examples of marketing tools that have been use effectively for many many years.

However, in recent years, these methods of advertising are loosing effectiveness with consumers. The way people shop has changed.

Indeed, consumers have increasingly expressed the desire to be active in their purchasing process and no longer passive.

If the traditional mass media are losing their effectiveness among consumers, where else can we turn to market our goods ?

This is the birth of Inbound Marketing !

Consumers are nowadays looking for information they can trust to help them in their buying process.

For a campany, it means using website, social media, blogs etc... to help your customers finds you.