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Founded in February 2016, AIVA specialises in the composition of classical and symphonic music. It has become the first virtual composer in the world to be recognised by a music company. By reading a large number of existing classical music works (composed by human composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart), AIVA is able to detect patterns in the music and create its own creations from them. AIVA's algorithms are based on deep learning and reinforcement learning architectures. Since January 2019, the company has offered a commercial product, Music Engine, capable of generating short songs (up to 3 minutes).

As you may have understood, AIVA is an artificial intelligence that enables the creation of music. Some artists use it to create songs. It is a tool like any other to create music but there is a question that can be asked, will artificial intelligences similar to AIVA replace human composers ? Today, no, but in the years to come surely and this is sad because the human genius will no longer be used. Great composers in Rap such as Mike Dean who produced Travis Scott and other music legends will be pushed aside in favour of AIs.