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Ariana Debose

Who is Ariana Debose ?

Ariana Debose is an actor of West Side Story. She played Anita, the girlfriend of Bernado

How does she feel about sharing this new version of WWS with the world ?

She feel happy about sharing the new version. For her it was iconic and fabulous. She was impacient to share this movie, for her this was amazing

What is her memory of watching the original WWS ?

The memory of wtching WWS was that when shr saw the dances, she direcly wanted to dance like the woman in the purple dress

How was it for her to meet Rita Moreno ?

Meet Rita Moreno for her was impossible. For the first time she saw her, she did a panic attac.

What does she think about Rita Moreno ?

She think that Rita Moreno is exeptionnel incredible and fabulous. She love her

What happened on her first audition with Steven Spielberg ?

On the first audition Ariana Debose dance and sing. But she said no for reading to Steven Spielberg because for her she went to embarass herself. At the beginning she wouldn't came to the audition, but a friend support her, and sag to show up to the ausition

During her first audition, firt audition, Steven Spielberg asked Ariana Debose if there was any particular thing he needed to know. What was it ? And why it is important ?

During the first audition, Steven Spielberg asked to Ariana Debose if there was any particular thing he needed to now she answer that she need to now that she is anafro latina. And that saw the potentiel that she has and he need to engage her

End !