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darwin AI

Experts in visual quality inspection, AI implementation, and insights backed by world-class data scientists


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It all started in 2017 with our team’s vision of transforming industries by instilling trust in AI. Over the years in working with the world’s leading manufacturers, we have learned that many enterprises want to integrate AI into their production and quality inspection processes but perceive an impediment to achieving a reliable solution that scales better than traditional ones


The company made 15 million euros in turnover in 2021.

Company size: 51-200 employees.

material resources: premises, machines....

Nationality: United Kingdom

fields of action: international

objective: lucrative

what ?

End-to-end visual quality inspection Superior Quality Assurance Accuracy with Explainable AI Software Faster return on investment and scalable solution Highly tactile customer experience

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Humans are only 70-90% able to detect defects with the naked eye.

With manual visual quality inspection, the human eye and brain can easily be fooled. What the human eye sees and what the brain interprets is not always accurate.
Humans experience fatigue, AI does not.
DarwinAI's visual quality inspection platform can identify product defects, faster, more accurately, with or without human operators to reduce production costs.


Based on CT Non-destructive testing Assembly inspection Correct part assembly or product specification Coatings Ensure the desired coverage uniformity solder joint Inspect solder joints for worker and non-worker defects metal alloy Inspect grain size

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