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presentation of Disneyland Paris

a. Définition

b. Corporate culture in Walt Disney

a. internal to the company

b. external to the company

1. Corporate Culture

2. the objectives


problem : How walt Disney Paris benefits from a good corporate culture ?

definition corporate culture

Culture is a set of values, norms, rituals that keeps the different members of a group united, to standardize behaviors so that the organization forms a coherent whole to achieve a level of performance.

source : MSGN

Corporate culture in Walt Disney

The enterprise value is:

Innovation: process of innovation and improvement of the services offered

quality: maintain a high level of performance and promote excellence in the company

diversity and inclusion: developing a work environment where employees live side by side and collaborate harmoniously

storytelling: work experience at disney must be excellent

optimism: the values ​​of hope and positive achievements must guide the daily lives of teams and leaders

There is a dress code: employees must be disguised as a Disney character

source : https://corporate.disney.fr/notre-politique-rh

  • the objective of this corporate culture, internally: this will give a feeling of belonging to the staff of the company
  • On the recruitment side, finding qualified personnel has become extremely difficult for the park, but the American company remains one of the largest employers in France.

internal to the company

  • it also helps to maintain a good image with customers and attract new customers as well

external to the company

Indeed, having a good corporate culture will allow Disney to retain its employees but also its customers.


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