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The link between rap
and poetry


In Luicid Dreams, Juice WRLD talks about the anguish and sadness he experiences after a breakup, Lucid dreaming refers to a state of consciousness where a person is aware they are dreaming. The music is very melancholic and sad the rhythm is calm.

For this music the link with poetry is especially present on the atmosphere of the music the music is slow and sad.

My opinion is that first the music is touching in the second this situation is known by many people and finally luicid dreams could be a poesie for its sweetness.

Juice WRLD, real name Jarad Anthony Higgins, born December 2, 1998 in Chicago (Illinois) and died December 8, 2019 in Oak Lawn (near Chicago), is an American rapper, singer, lyricist, composer and musician.


DA Uzi, whose real name is Davy Ngoma Di Malonda2, born August 29, 1992 in Angers, Maine-et-Loire, is a French rapper of Congolese origin.

Tthe song " the real life " is talk about of his past of prisonners who will catch him in his life today, the problem and the bad side of the street ( drugs,fight,murder ). the music is sad and the rythm fast. We he talk we can feel these emotions, sadnesse and regret. He only poetry devices is in this music rythme.

The link with poetry is present in the sadnesse and violence of lyrics and instrumental.

My opinion is firstly very like the type of music and his past is very touching and for finish we can recongnize what he says