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presentation rap


Rap is a cultural and musical movement (popular music) that has its origins in hip-hop. Appearing in the early 1970s in the American ghettos, rap is characterized by a very rhythmic diction and the use of rhyme1.

the origin of rap

In 1979, "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang became the first rap hit in the world and especially in France where the hip-hop movement touched the youth of the cities.


the first rappers


Rohff launches with a first album in 1999, which meets then only a success of esteem.

kerry james

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diams was able to show that there were only men who could rap


rap has evolved a lot it's thanks to the old, rap has become a fashion there is a lot of money and talent, young people like rap because it's a way to tell their life .


current rap

there are several types of music that are close to rap (the drill interpreter for example gazo)

or others who take particular voices like (Koba la D)

the different themes


maes is a rapper who breaks everything at the moment with many very watchable clips


ninho is the number 1 rapper at the moment with albums worthy of the greatest


jul is the most listened to rapper right now with a legendary sign

the news rappeurs