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attacks of 11 september

1. The attack

2. The damage it caused

3. Why these attack ?

4. The number of deaths

5. The consequences


the attack

On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, nineteen terrorists hijacked four airliners.

the attack it caused

The collapse of the towers on themselves (hundreds of thousands of tons of materials) and their burning for 99 days scattered in the atmosphere of Manhattan a cloud of dust, then ash and smoke (combustion and pyrolysis) containing many hazardous pollutants

why these attack ?

Carried out by the jihadist Al-Qaeda organization led by Osama bin Laden, these attacks led to the war in Afghanistan, carried out in retaliation by the United States.

the number of deaths

Of the 2,977 victims, 310 were foreign nationals, including 67 British, 41 Indians, South Koreans, 24 Canadians, 24 Japanese, four French and one Belgian. The youngest victim was two years old, and the oldest was 85.

the consequences

The attacks had a significant economic impact on the United States and global markets.

The most direct military impact is the invasion of Afghanistan, designated as the operational headquarters of al-Qaeda, as early as October 2001.


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