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ceremonie of twelve

caretaker of the olds





Name: Fiona

Age: 12

Number: 18

Gender: Female

Hair: Red

Assingment: Caretaker of the Old

1. intelegent, quiet, friendly, humorous,

» she was a good student, quiet and polite, but she had a sense of humor as well…« (p.29, ll.19 f.)
2. calm,

» … Fiona was a calm female« (p.49, l.33)
3. calm, attentive,

» She had been sitting quietly, serenely troughout the ceremony«

(p.49, ll. 33 f.)

4. sensitive, gentle,

» It was perfect for such a sensitive, gentil girl « (p. 49, ll. 36 f.)
5. punctual on time,

» i don‘t want to be late «

6. caring,

works in the house of olds

she works in the house of olds

Friends: Asher and Jonas

» I don‘t know why I‘m nervous. […] I‘ll ride home with you.« (P. 61, ll. 4, ff.) ~ She trusts Jonas and feels save when he‘s around