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Clea Roussarie

Celebrationand head of household

Cleopatra was an ancient Egyptian queen of the Lagid dynasty. She was born in Alexandria around the year 69 BC and died on August 12, 30 BC.


She is famous for having been the companion of Jules César then of Marc Antoine with whom she had several children.

Cleopatra is a character whose legend took hold during her very lifetime.

She has endeavored to reconnect with the age-old traditions of her country. She assumes rituals that her predecessors have neglected. Clepoatre is the only one of her dynasty to speak Egyptian. It also protects the Jewish population for whom the reign of Cleopatra proves to be a favorable period.

At her death Cleopatra is exiled after being exhibited during Octave's triumph over Marc Antoine. His death marks the end of this historical period.

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