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May, 2022

Gamers’ zone

Alexis MouchonFabien DebureauThéo Gaggio

Bring together

Keep a constant flow of users.

How do we get gamers to join our site?

Keep users

How to gather several communities on the same platform?

Why not create a social network?

To bring video game players together, the best way is to create a new social network especially for gamers.They will be able to join on it, share their exploits, videos of their best performances and communicate with each other. If they want, they can also participate in community tournaments on their favorite games to prove who is the best.💪


Our product is a special social network for video game players. It aims to bring them together. The strength of our project will be the divergence of the realizable possibilities: - An infinite scroll video clip sharing system - A powerful communication system - A streaming system to share live content - To be able to organize tournaments and competitions on different online games / LAN - A system to find partners to play together


- Advertising - the partnership - Organizer of e-sports events - Sale of data.

Business Model

  • Create community
  • Communication /tchat with server
  • share its content
  • play together
Gamer's Zone
  • Rank system
  • Active User
  • Tournament system
  • Regular reward

Our main target has many criteria in common


Marketing plan