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Mysterious Angry Birds

The birds are depicted as hostile. They even drive people right back into their house



crows slowly assemble on the monkey bars in the playground


hundreds of sparrows invaded the house through the chimney

a seagull swoops out of nowhere and pecks Tippi Hedren on the head

children are brutally attacked

a jaw-dropping thriller

The birds

which spooked America

most famous movies

one of Hitchcock's

2nd film after 'Psycho'

an apacalyptic movie

The movie was called

by Fellini

a nature revenge genre of horror movie

The movie may be viewed as

The house

The community is suddenly beset with waves of violent bird attacks without explanation

At the end you are left hanging

the attic

In this climatic scene, every body is asleep when Tippi Hedren, the female lead, goes to the attic with a flashlight. She is seeking the source of some rustling noises she's heard. Then she is merciless attacked by a swarm of seagulls.

The birds peck her into unconsciousness.

the diner

an ornithologist says that birds don't have the capacity to organise mass attacks on humans

the gaz station

gulls shatter the glass by flying into the phone booth which conveys an atmosphere of shock and suspense.



the tension is slowly built up

For one hour, the only bird you see are lovebirds

Once the bird attacks start they keep happening and get worse and worse.