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Create your annotation requests in the Airtable form:

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work processes in annotation

Explain your annotation instructions on the field "Requirements".


We receive your request in real time, then discute with 2 leaders Malagasy to distribute the projects to the specialized annotators.


Dataset manager and team leaders take time to understand the instructions by asking questions in the various with you.


If the datasets are complicated or new, we annotate a small sample.


You verify and validate this annotation

The team leaders notify you the start of proces in the channel "soavalue_annotation" on Salck and we ask questions during the annotation.


Verification of Audit results, if necessary relaunch a 2nd Audit(Machine dataset review).


The team leaders notify the end of the project in the Slack channel "soavalue_annotation"


Various calculations for ongoing projects until the end of processing. Follow here

Discussion/ Understanding

Discuss on difficult images between dataset manager and team leader to see if the instructions have been respected.


Dataset manager checks the annotation quality of ongoing projects every day.

Global verification

Dataset manager still checks datasets manually after Audit, if errors the annotators restart a check


Dataset manager discusses with you on problematic images


Dataset manager notifies you the end of processing, asking for feedback on annotation's quality(score 1-10). Dataset manager also gives a feedback.