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Album cover :

Title : The Boys

Artist : Girls' Generation

Release Date : October 18, 2011

Kind of music : K-POP

Girls' Generation

- Girl Band

- Started on August 2, 2007
- SM Entertainment
- Hard to stand out
- 9 members

Members :





The Song

-Feminist song

-Call for women to fight for their rights

-Not to be afraid to change this society governed by men

-We must take action to eliminate these discriminations



- "Bring the boys out"

- "I can't just stand here and watch"
- "Don’t be shaken and just protect your place"
- "Girls bring the boys out !"

- "I am Athena, the one who gives the number one wisdom. Check this out !"

- "You already have everything in this world"



"Show me your tenacity, shake the earth

So that everyone can see you
History will be written anew
The main character is you !"

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