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What is annotation ?

Let's start with a basic but important question : what is exactly annotation ?

In machine learning, data annotation is the process of labeling data to show the outcome you want your machine learning model to predict.
To put it another way, annotation is the process by which data is manually described in order to be characterized, for example by assigning a dog image the corresponding label.

At the moment, annotation is an activity mostly outsourced by AI companies in countries where labor is cheaper.

History of annotation at Deepomatic

As previously mentioned, the majority of annotation structures are currently located in so-called "developing countries" and are owned by expatriates

Our relationship with our annotation company is a bit special and this is why : After working with a first Malagasy company owned by an expatriate, Deepomatic decided to support Elisa Razafimandimby - a young Malagasy entrepreneur - in setting up her own structure called Shakti Outsourcing.

This collaboration has been going on for five years now and has led to a close relationship with our annotation team.

Supporting local and female entrepreneurship


The question of "click workers" has been popularized in France by the work of Antonio Casilli, professor of sociology at Télécom Paris.

His book En attendant les robots tries to demystify the idea of an autonomous AI replacing workers and highlighting the millions of invisibilized workers that allow algorithm to function

The workers of the click are those who practice digital labor, that is to say a fragmented, data driven and often low paid work.

Why should we pay attention to the annotation issue ?