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QC tool

QC tool

The QC tool gives you access to all the information listed by the seller before sale.

You will find pictures, material, color, dimensions, condition of the item.
This is the tool you will use every day to process items.

Through our back office: you will have access to the tool

Important information to catch

clique sur les icônes oranges pour avoir plus d'informations

Pictures taken by the seller

"Put on hold" allow you to put an item in stanbdy if you have a doubt, any question or a verification to do with your management. You have to pass on "put on hold" if you have to QC the next item.

General verification: brand, material, category

Individual daily productivity and the number of negotiations made.

Price of the item

Access to the public comment on the website. Comments could be from potential buyers, or the final buyer.

A space for you to add a specific comment if needed.

Final decision after quality control: Compliant (OK), Nego ou Non-compliant (KO).

Important information to catch

clique sur les icônes oranges pour avoir plus d'informations

Quality control: dimensions of the item, condition, additional elements that you want to add, or to declare missing.

Click on "refurbishment" if you have clean/repair the item somehow

If you have cleaned, repaired, refurbished an item, click on this box.

What should i do?


If the item is relisted: click on the blue ID

The blue hashtag with reference number means the product was previously sold with us. Click on it to check the history of the old reference.

If a negotiation was done before, check with your team leader.

You should not launch a negotiation for an item that has passed the first time without negotiation.

Tab "Nego"

You can choose to launch a nego if the item is not compliant to the description, condition or pictures from the seller.

The objective of the QC report (nego) is to inform the buyer of the discreptencies between the product page and the real item.

Click on the red button to start

Opening the tab " Nego"

Choose one flaw from the list, the importance (small, medium, high), and the localization.

You can choose up to 4 flaws for each item.

The last flaw should be the overall downgrading of the condition if applicable as from "never worn" to "very good condition" .

You can choose the new condition within the list of flaws.

Last steps is giving you a summary of the chosen flaws, you can add a comment (internal) with specific information on the flaw.

Opening the tab " KO", to cancel a sale

Similar to the Nego QC report, you can fill up to 2 flaws, and a general comment (external) to be more precise.


Front office

Front Office

The called "Front Office" is the product page as available on the website. Public to sellers and potential buyers, you will find the exact same informations than on our quality control tool.

In addition, you will find the public comments on the item, left by customers

Seller's profile and items for sale

The member's activity, items for sale, favourites...