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should or are allowed to
'm able to or must
Are you able to or Should you
'm supposed to or can

must or can
Are you allowed to or Should you
ought to or can
have to or are able to
ought to or are supposed to
must or should

© Adapted from face2face 2nd Edition, Intermediate Student's book, p. 14

Kim So, do you think you _____________ relax more?
Rob Absolutely! I _____________ try to slow down a bit.
Kim _____________ start work when you want?
Rob No, not really. I _____________ be in the office at eight. What about you?
Kim I _____________ go to work whenever I want.
Rob Lucky you. _____________ work at home?
Kim Yes, we _____________ work at home two days a week.
Rob Oh, we _____________ be in the office every day.
Kim Perhaps you _____________ look for another job.
Rob Yes, maybe. Anyway, I _____________ go.
I'm running late for my next meeting. Bye!