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Feminism is not used and is not part of this presentation !!!

remarkable women

Student: Schmitt Justin
Tutor: Mrs. Luxembourg

Date : Wednesday, June 1st 2022

''Women have a place in every place where decisions are made. Women should'nt be the exception.''

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Former member of the US Supreme Court

01. Introduction

05. Conclusion

02. Why this EPI ?

09. Thanks

03. Different projects


04. The woman


''In politics, if you want speeches, ask a man. If you want actions ask a woman.''

Margaret Thatcher


-Adressed in class through several works

-oral presentations
-Constitued a narrative arc all along the year
-English, German, French, Latin and History took part in this EPI

The subject


''Girls are told to be delicate princesses, Hermione taught me that we can were warriors.''

Emma Watson

Part 1: Why ?

- Chapters which were studied in class --> Interesting

- Many woman --> Unknown to me
- Activities --> Collective works --> good for the cohesion
- The freest and largest theme
- I want to explain my opinion on the fact:
-It's the men who has written History with a great H
-Clearly forgotten that a large part of History had been written by Women with a great W

Why have I chosen this theme ?

- Made a lot of works in class

-English: Oral presentation and banknote
-Latin: Coin of Cleopatra
-German: Study about Marlene Dietrich and Sophie Scholl
-French: Study of the book "Une jeunesse au temps de la Shoah" by Simone Veil
- The theme what I liked best was the Nicole Girard-Mangin project

Lot of school subjects


' 'Mothers are the only ones who tell truth even when it hurts.''
Pam Brown

Part 2: Projects


Part 3:The Woman

Gisèle Halimi (1927-2020)

- She was a Franco-Tunisian lawyer

1942: Refused an arranged marriage
1948: She became lawyer
1972: The trial of her life: The Bobigny Trial
-It contributed the adoption of Simone Veil's law --> Legalization of abortion in France in January 1975.
1981: She became a MP
1985: Ambassador of France for the UNESCO
1989: She became special councilwoman of the French delegation of the United Nations
1990: She became speaker of men-women equality in political life.
2020: Death.



''The woman isn't the victim of any mysterious fatality:we must not conclude that her ovaries condemn her to live eternally on her knees.''

Simone De Beauvoir

-This EPI enabled me to improve my oral skills
-To show more ease when speaking in front of a crowd and to argue

-Remarkable women allowed me to discover another side of History
-It shows that removing the dust from the History of the World, can make us discover treasures.

In a nutshell,

Any questions?

Thanks for your attention