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«Self-portrait with Cut Hair»

«Self-portrait with Cut


Frida Kahlo

01 Summary

1- Who is Frida Kahlo ?

4- Interpretation of the work

2- presentation of the work

5- Conclusion

3- Description of the work

But first, who is Frida Kahlo?

02 Frida Kahlo

Birth : July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, Mexico

Death : July 13, 1954 (age 47), Mexico City, Mexico

Marriage : Diego Rivera ( 1929 to 1939, and 1940 to 1954 )

- Famous Mexican painter.

- She grew up in Coyoacán ( Mexico City provincial suburb )
- One of the greatest Mexican art figures of the 20th century.
- She has created hundreds of paintings, including many self-portraits, reflecting her passion and suffering, as well as her country, Mexico.

03 Presentation of the work

- Title : Self-portrait with cut hair

- Author : Frida Kahlo

- Date : 1940

- Place of conservation : Museum Of Modern Art, New York

- Gender : Self-Portrait

- Style : Surrealism

- Technique : Oil on canvas

- Size : 40 X 28 cm

04 Description of the work

1st Plan :

--> A woman sitting on
a chair in the middle of a
empty room.
--> Dark and large grey suit
--> Scissors on right hand
--> Hair on his lap.
--> Eyes calm, proud, challenging the observer.

2nd Plan :

--> her strands of brown hair, which she has just cut with her scissors scattered all over the place (on the ground, the chair, they even come out of the table frame).

3rd Plan :

--> “Mira que si te quise, fue por el pelo. Ahora que estás pelona, ya no te quiero.”

--> "See, I loved you because of (for) your hair; now that you have your hair cut, I don’t love you anymore."

05 Interpretation of the work

→ While her long, majestic hair was part of her legend, why did she do this act ?

abandonment + cut hair = dishonour and humiliation

Frida was therefore loved thanks to her feminine attributes, and not for herself

She holds the scissors open --> which means that Frida has freed herself

A release that would allow women to access the social privileges that are unfortunately «naturally» forbidden to them.

«Self-portrait with Cut Hair»

Instead, she combined female and male attributes

Frida Kahlo got rid of the «social traps of femininity»

It’s a personal rebirth

06 Conclusion

Why the choice of this work ?

--> A political commitment :

--> An artistic commitment :

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